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British Sportscar Center is widely known for rebuilding SU carburetors. Lawrie once published a videotape on the Repair & Maintenance of the SU Carburetor. This tape received a highly complimentary review by Peter Egan, writing in "Road & Track" magazine! The tape is still available from BSC or Moss Motors. Lawrie was also selected by Moss Motors to be the supplier of all their rebuilt SU carburetors.

So, what exactly does Lawrie do to SUs when they are sent to us?. First, they are examined as received to see whether they are (a) correct for the car the customer says they are to be used on and (b) whether there are any obvious major broken parts. In either of these events, we may offer to supply correct replacement units. Once we have decided to rebuild, the units are totally disassembled and chemically cleaned. Next, the aluminum pieces are plastic-bead-blasted, to remove any corrosion or foreign matter without leaving a non-original "blasted" appearance. All threads are checked and repaired if necessary. The bodies are fitted with new throttle-shaft bushings and standard shafts. Throttle plates are inspected for wear and replaced if necessary, as are the jet bearings and other moving parts. Final assembly takes place using new seals and gaskets, new jets and needles, new float valves and new floats if needed. Moving parts are lubricated and all settings are made so that the carburetors will be able to be used as received, only final adjustments needing to be made once the car has reached operating temperature. An instruction sheet accompanies all our rebuilt carburetors.

The cost of carburetor rebuilding varies slightly from model to model and depends to some extent on what parts have to be replaced. Typically, however, a pair of SU carbs. cost $325. We can also re-bush bodies for customers rebuilding their own carburetors.

For further information or a specific quotation, please e-mail details of your carburetor/s to


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