1952 MG "KT" Special


This beautiful car was built on a TF chassis in 1977 from mostly T-series parts by renowned MG expert, Lawrie Alexander. The “KT” nickname came about because the aluminum bodywork was styled to resemble a K3. It was used for vintage racing from 1978 through the mid-80’s, competing very successfully at tracks such as Riverside, Laguna Seca, Road Atlanta and Willow Springs, as well as numerous VARA sprints. Victories included the all-MG race at the Monterey Historics in 1980. The car was also used for many MG club events in and around California. Sold in 1989, it spent some time in the Midwest until being stored away in a climate-controlled garage in 1993 where it languished until Lawrie re-purchased it in 2007. 

After a complete mechanical overhaul, it returned to use for local MG club events, and then a new engine (details below) was built so it could go racing again. In addition, the front spindles and steering arms were Magnafluxed, all four splined hubs were replaced with new ones on new bearings, and new 15” Dayton 54-spoke wire wheels fitted with new Blockley racing tires were installed. An easily removed custom roll-bar was fabricated from race-approved steel tubing and a driver’s 5-point seat belt was added. Since its “rebirth” as a racecar, it has competed at Sonoma Raceway, Laguna Seca, Thunderhill and Buttonwillow. 

For street use (and it is street-legal), there is a full-width windshield, a set of 5 (new in 2011) 16” Dayton 54-spoke wire wheels fitted with Vredestein Sprint Classic tires, one of which can be side-mounted in true classic style. There is also a “street” exhaust system. 

With the engine mounted further back and lower than the original TD position, suspension calibrated for the weight of the car, Spax rear shocks, rear traction bars and a front anti-sway bar, the KT’s road-holding is outstanding. The drum brakes are exceptional, the steering light and positive, and the car is a delight to drive hard on a track or gently on a public road. Its appearance and build quality never fail to get compliments from spectators and race tech inspectors alike. So why is it for sale now, you ask? Simply put, the driver has reached the age where less exciting pastimes are more appropriate for someone who has had several cardiac problems in recent years! 


1952 XPAG block bored to 1380 cc, custom high-top Arias pistons, Brown & Gammons con rods, Moss crankshaft fitted with rear seal conversion (which really works!), alloy flywheel with steel insert, front harmonic balancer, hydraulically operated heavy duty clutch, Brown & Gammons full-race camshaft, lifters and pushrods, polished and ported head, race-prepped valves, Chevrolet valve springs, 10.5:1 c.r., oil cooler, remote oil filter, modern-core radiator. Dual 1-1/2” carburetors with vibration-damping spacer blocks, custom 4-2-1 header into single straight-through muffler with short tailpipe. Lightweight alternator. Race-approved oil and coolant catch tanks. MG TC gearbox, 4.55:1 differential. Instrumentation includes tachometer and speedometer, oil pressure and temperature gauge, water temperature gauge, ammeter, fuel gauge, turn-signals, dash-mounted battery master switch. 

This unique car, which is CA DMV registered as a 1952 MG TD Special, can be yours for just $27,500 or sensible offer.

The car is garaged near Sacramento, CA.

Lawrie Alexander    530-676-7226 or Lawrie@Britcars.com

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With the street windshield and steering wheel, before the roll-bar
headrest was welded in.

Left-side with street wheels and tires.
 (spare not fitted)

Rear view with headrest fitted, still on 16" wheels with Vredesteins.

1-1/2" SUs, custom 4-2-1- header, coolant & oil recovery canisters.

Alternator and Bosch distributor for efficiency. Push-button solenoid for easy compression checks. Harmonic balancer. Easy on-off
 fanblades with custom pulley.

Tidy footwell, battery box inside passenger footramp

Dashboard close-up

Comfortable bucket seats, Simpson belts for street use.

Pulling onto the pre-grid at Laguna Seca, March 2014

On the pre-grid at Sonoma Raceway, May 2014, showing the Blockleys
(and the tough competition!)

Coming down from the corkscrew at Laguna Seca, March 2014

The final turn onto the Start/Finish straight, Laguna Seca 2014

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