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Even if you are not having your car fully restored, a rebuilt engine will add enormously to your driving pleasure. Add a rebuilt gearbox and overhauled steering, suspension and brakes, and you’ll think you have a new car! Even if you do not go this far, having individual components rebuilt will make a difference to the way your car performs. We pride ourselves on the care we take in our rebuilding department….

Engines: First, we disassemble, clean & inspect each part for wear or damage. The major pieces go to a carefully selected machine shop where the following work is done:

Cylinder block-

  • Chemically cleaned and shot-peened to remove all dirt and rust.
  • Cylinders bored or re-sleeved as necessary
  • Cylinders honed to match size of new pistons
  • Main bearing alignment checked and honed as needed
  • Deck checked and re-surfaced if necessary
  • Cam bearings replaced and honed, if needed


  • Cleaned and magnafluxed for cracks
  • Bearing journals reground as needed
  • Connecting Rods - Cleaned & magnafluxed for cracks
  • Alignment checked
  • Big-ends re-sized as needed
  • Small ends re-bushed as needed

Cylinder Head-

  • Cleaned and shot-peened
  • Magnafluxed for cracks
  • New, hard steel exhaust valve seats installed
  • Intake valve seats installed if needed
  • New valve guides installed
  • New valves and springs fitted if needed
  • Valves carefully ground and lapped to seats
  • Installed height of valves checked
  • Head surfaced


  • Re-surfaced as needed
  • New starter ring gear fitted if needed

Upon the return of the engine from the machine shop, we prep the block for reassembly by checking that all head stud holes are adequately countersunk, and re-tapping or heli-coiling any damaged threads, then it is thoroughly cleaned with solvent and soapy water. We de-burr the combustion chamber edges and grind the ports to match the manifolds, also removing any blemishes in the ports (to ensure smooth airflow into and out of the engine). During assembly, all tolerances are carefully checked, and only the best quality assembly lubricants are used. The following new parts are always fitted: Pistons & rings, bearings, camshaft (reground or new), cam followers, timing chain & tensioner, oil pump gears, water pump, clutch assembly. After assembly, the engine is painted and detailed.

If we are rebuilding an engine for installation in a car, we also insist that the starter, generator (or alternator), carburetors and radiator are all rebuilt. In our opinion, a new engine cannot function properly with old ancillaries.



After disassembly, all components are carefully cleaned and inspected for wear or damage. Gear teeth, bearings and synchromesh baulk rings receive particular attention. Once new parts have been obtained, the gearbox is reassembled, once again with careful pre-lubrication. We have an excellent outside source for rebuilding overdrive units, too.

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Rebuilding Engines and Gearboxes
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