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As an added service to our customers, British Sportscar Center offers a consignment sale service. Most of these cars have been personally inspected by our staff and are known to be in excellent condition. (Where this is not the case, we will give you all the information we have on the car and tell you why we believe the car to be worth buying.) Usually, the cars are located in the Northern California/Nevada area, sometimes viewable at our shop, sometimes remaining in the owner’s custody. Please contact us if you would like more details about any of the cars listed below. Send your requests to: or call (530) 676-7226



1952 MG "KT" Special Sold


Click here for photos & information about this lovely 1952 "KT" Special




1970 MGB Roadster ..... $16,950  Sold

This gorgeous MGB has almost too many special features to list! Starting with a rust- and damage-free California car, noted restorer, Bob King, applied one of his excellent paint jobs in this superb dark red which suits the car beautifully. The engine is a Butch Gilbert 2-liter B engine, dynamically balanced, with 8.8:1 c.r. and a stock MGB camshaft. Fitted with dual HS6 SU carburetors which have been carefully tuned to suit the engine, it starts easily, is torquey and powerful and still gets excellent gas mileage (over 30 mpg on the highway!). This is undoubtedly partly due to the smooth and quiet 1973 B gearbox which has overdrive on 3rd and 4th gears. The engine was carefully broken in with TORCO break-in oil, subsequently changed (every 3,000 miles) to TORCO 20-50 with TORCO's ZDDP additive added at each change. Since its restoration in 2007, the car has been carefully driven just over 30,000 miles

As the pictures show, the interior trim is in excellent condition and numerous switches and controls were replaced to ensure everything works as it should. The tachometer and speedometer were overhauled and re-calibrated. The rare, polished mag wheels complement the car's appearance and the tires are excellent. Braking is aided by the car's having been fitted with a power booster from a late-model MGB. KYB tubular rear shock absorbers aid the excellent handling, the twin fog lights are functional, the sun visors and rear wind deflector add to one's driving pleasure. The top and tonneau cover are in perfect condition. Other extras include air horns, new inertia-reel seat belts, the leather-wrapped steering wheel, a Pioneer stereo system, electronic ignition and hydraulic trunk lifts.

The car is in Placerville, CA, currently owned by an MG enthusiast who has two other MGBs and a TC. Priced at considerably less than the restoration cost at $16,950; sensible offers will be considered.

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1979 MGB in exceptional condition .... $8,500 obo Sold

We are delighted to offer this exceptional rubber bumper MGB for sale. These later Bs have been maligned for having poor handling (true from 1975 to late '76) and mediocre performance (true when the Zenith-Stromberg carburetor was worn out). This particular example, however, will prove to anyone that MG hadn't lost their touch in producing a delightful sports car that was still able to comply with the safety and emissions rules forced on the company in the late Seventies.

This example's handling is sharp, thanks to the excellent-condition springs and shock absorbers and anti-sway bars at each end. The wheels were recently powder coated and fitted with new tires. The power-assisted brakes perform flawlessly. Thanks to careful maintenance and service, the engine pulls strongly and delivers 25 mpg around town and 32 mpg on journeys. Oil pressure is excellent and the usually troublesome Z-S carburetor works just as the factory intended.

As the pictures show, the body and paint are in superb condition, as are the interior, top and tonneau cover. The custom wood-rim wheel and dash trim add a further touch of elegance. Everything works properly and the car has none of the electrical problems which often plague MGBs.

The current owner bought the car in 1995 when it had just 23,347 miles on it. He then joined the local MG club and became an active and frequent participant. As his involvement with MGs grew, he added a 1970 B for his wife, then decided he should learn more about the cars by restoring a 1972 B. He has since restored a 1948 TC, which has supplanted the Bs as his daily driver. The 1979 on offer here is regretfully for sale as he doesn't have room to store so many cars. The lucky purchaser of this car will also receive detailed maintenance records covering every aspect of the service and maintenance work done on the car while in its present owner's hands.

There are not very many late-model Bs around in this condition, especially priced at the very reasonable figure of $8,500. Of course, sensible offers will be considered. The car is presently located in Placerville, CA, and the
seller will gladly assist with arranging transportation to a new home.

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